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HBO does books

January 18, 2007

I like to read fiction, when I have the time, and most often I live in the fantasy section of the bookstore. Right now there are three series in development that I’m following as each new tome comes out. (I say tome because they’re huge — each book tends to be around a thousand pages…) In no particular order:

I’m currently reading A Feast for Crows, the fourth in Martin’s series. I also read his blog, and I saw today the announcement that HBO has gotten the rights to do a show based on the series! I got home and told Millie, and she was laughing at just how excited this has me.

This series of books is definitely on the adult side of things, with often dark and violent themes. It’s less about Good vs. Evil, and more like the real world where good and evil aren’t always well defined. I’m glad that HBO got the rights for this, because on any other network I would fear that the show would be gentrified. With shows like Rome and The Sopranos under their belt, you can be sure that HBO won’t shy away in Martin’s world.

My desire for it to be done up right is seriously conflicting with my need to start watching it. For now I’ll get back to the book and anticipate great things to come…

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